I have been in the blind and drapery industry for over 44 years. During that time I have installed draperies, blinds, shades, verticals, and shutters. Including motorized and powerise window treatments of all kinds.

10 years ago I decided to become a Hunter Douglas Certified Master Installer for all their products including shutters. 4 years later after 3 certification levels I became a MASTER Installer and a Certified Expert in Motorization.

However after 44 years my body started talking to me. Telling me that it’s time to quit installing since your knees and your back are not working as well as before.

But I feel that I am too “young” to quit working. So I decided that repairing and reconditioning your blinds would be the right thing to do.

Over the last 10 to 12 I have been repairing all types of horizontals, and vertical blinds, and shutters. I am capable of repairing any brand of blinds, specializing on Hunter Douglas products.

Blind repairs has not been a chore for me. On the contrary I can analyze the problem in just a few short minutes. I have been able to repair almost all issues with blinds. I get a tremendous sense of satisfaction when I leave a home with all blinds working when they were in various state of disrepair when I walked in. And the same goes with shutters.

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